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Insulated glass units(sealed units)


All our sealed units are bespoke and are made to our customer’s specific order depending on the glass type, size and any decoration required.


Long gone are the days when our standard sealed unit was made with two pieces of 4mm clear float. In today’s energy conscious world and as a result of legislation change sealed units are now made with glass containing highly complex coatings.


Also advances in the technology of glass have enabled more benefits to be gained from the sealed unit. Self cleaning and noise reduction (acoustic) options may now be demanded, combined with the more traditional options of obscurity, or solar reflection. It may be that decoration such as coloured film, lead or Georgian bar inserts are required. A large percentage of what we make contains all of the above in safety glass – laminated or toughened as opposed to normal annealed glass.


Whatever glass is ordered the two panes are washed in order to remove grease and fingerprints and are then set either side of a spacer bar. Historically the spacer bar was aluminum or steel, but the shift towards more energy efficient sealed units has seen an increase in warm edge spacer bars made of materials more thermally efficient than metal.