Sapphire Heritage are purpose made products traditionally for Grade 1 & 2 listed buildings.


We now offer these products to all sites that require that historic finish with modern benefits, we use a high performance warm edge system designed especially to meet the needs of the restoration and replication sectors where the overriding criterion is authenticity.


To accommodate a range of traditional window rebates, our Heritage Supaspacer is available with unit cavity options of 4mm,6mm and 8mm and is just 3mm in depth for ultra slim sightlines.


Our heritage products are neutral in appearance and blend with any frame finish for outstanding aesthetics.


All Sapphire Heritage products can either be single, double or even triple glazed, combined with a variety of choices of glass, i.e. Hand drawn, Softcoat, low-E or Float, there will always be a solution to your requirements.


Teamed with Heritage Smart Glass, all our products are EN1279 certified to give that added benefit of quality and assurance. All Heritage products can be either toughened, Annealed or Laminated with a variety of Gas options.

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